Slide Our goal is to support and facilitate your programmatic growth.

Making sure your Profit is not eaten by data, development, maintenance and staff costs.
Slide Advanced Programmatic Platform offering flexible options to support scale and efficiency.
• NO Minimum QPS (unlimited)
• Service by Humans, Optimisation by AI
• NO fixed Monthly QPS fees
• Pricing models to suit your business
Slide Premium trading opportunities across all channels globally.
• Carefully curated supply
• App-ads and Ads.txt opportunities
• Transparent IVT measurement
• PMP deals for Limelight UI clients

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Limelight was born to solve client problems.

Since our launch, Limelight has grown exponentially , evolved, developed and become the trusted partner of digital businesses globally. Our clients’ use cases are complex, changeable & diverse. Our partnership provides robust, feature rich yet intuitive solutions tailored for their business.


Designed to support customer success, built on three key values…
Intuitive Functionality • Outstanding Service • Technical Excellence

Our Technology, Your Team!

As seasoned Adtech professionals with many years at the coal face. We understand the challenges of developing, maintaining and running a digital media operation are considerable!

Foremost amongst these challenges are your people. Attracting, hiring, developing and retaining the experience needed is critical to success.

Our team is expert, experienced and determined to deliver value to your business. Their focus is to reduce your challenges and care about your success.

Our Team, Your Team! – but no touching.

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