About us

Limelight Digital – formerly Project Limelight

The project started in 2018. Now it’s serious!

Really the first glimpses of Limelight were seen in 2008 when our founders first met and started to discuss how digital marketing required some democratisation. This discussion continued throughout the following decade until the opportunity to put words into action came.

We believe in making digital marketing tools easy to use, accessible to all and fundamentally in the programmatic approach.

Easy, Accessible, Programmatic tools are what we seek to provide.

In 2018 this is not what we found was available. Looking for a platform which would enable us to build a trading organisation we discovered that Setup fees were high, minimum monthly commitments crippling and limits on usage devastating to any experimentation.

So Limelight UI was proposed and the development began. We started trading to test the solution in April of 2019 and onboarded our first clients the following month despite not yet having a self serve UI. Development continues today at a fast pace based around client need.

Since 2019 we have welcomed in excess of 100 companies to the platform. Companies of all sizes and with diverse use cases. In each and every case we believe client success is the foremost concern because whilst we believe we can build a successful business we Know we cannot without successful clients.

We continue to believe software tools should be Easy and Accessible but we have added to the list Scalable, Customisable and Reliable and today as always in a client first approach.

Please get in touch we would love to hear about You.

LimeLight Digital Company

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