May 2021

In the Limelight

Welcome to the May edition of In the Limelight. We are very pleased to share with you this month’s news regarding our latest platform releases and to build upon our spotlight on Success Rate from last month by looking into the effect of Approve and Block lists on trading. As always we welcome your feedback and questions.


The Limelight Team

UI releases and news

A New Look

We have updated the platform’s look with a new lime green theme to more closely match our new Limelight Digital branding.

Private Marketplace

To support private deals we have added a new Private Marketplace option to the Navigation bar. We are initially supporting private deals with your Demand partners within this feature but will be adding support for supply side and more complex deals in the future. You can create Demand side client deals now and give your best Demand relationship preference over open market bids.

New Admin option

The Navigation bar now has a new Admin option which groups together your Account Settings, Tracking Pixel Management, User Management and Audit Log functions.

Ads.txt and App.txt Tools

We have added new functionality on the Publisher side that allows you to manage your (app-)ads.txt entries. The action button now includes an option to display the correct ads.txt info to provide to your pubs. On the Publisher record you can choose to add the details of the sites and or apps where your entries should exist. The system will then perform hourly checks to ensure they are in place and display the result. Finally in demand pre targeting you can choose to only allow supply where a verified ads.txt check has been made.

Free Pre-bid Limelight IVT Tool – by default

In the account section we have added a simpler method to set your default pre bid IVT solution. Here you can choose to enable the FREE Limelight Pre bid IP & Device ID IVT checks or indeed we can enable a third party pre bid solution of your choosing and you can set that as your default.

Targeting by type of supply integration

We have added new pre targeting options for demand and bidding preferences for supply allowing you to more simply manage the relationship between oRTB and Tag supply with demands.

Don’t put a blocker on growth

Often in programmatic advertising we are given or create ourselves approval lists or block lists to implement in our exchange whether that be for bundles/sites, device Ids or even creative ID. Many of our clients will have implemented these in their system. However, should you leave it there? How does this affect your trading and revenues?

In Limelight UI we cater for many lists of various types within the Demand Manager of the UI. You can implement an approval or block list at the individual demand level or you can build entries in the global block lists which will then be applied to all Demand Items. This is an excellent way to optimise the requests and bids within your exchange.

However, it is very important to note that the partners who provided you with items which have been blocked by your system do not know they have been blocked. As such they will continue sending them. Something which is blocked cannot create revenue! It is therefore critical to inform your supply & demand partners of these blocks so they can send you alternative opportunities or bids which can be monetised.

For example, in our last newsletter we talked about the importance of success rate. Creative blocks pay a large part in the management of success rate. However often we can see a creative is 100% non-successful on all supply. In these circumstances it is vital that your demand partner stop sending you bids from this creative so that they may start sending you bids from a creative that will deliver revenue. Communication with the demand partner is not only key but is the only way to improve revenue.

In many cases where a block is in place it is better to not receive the opportunity or bid so something which is approved can replace it. As such when implementing an Approve or a Block list you should also pass this info on to your demand or supply partner and request they also apply them.

If you have any further questions about approval and block lists  please feel free to contact a member of the Limelight Client Success Team.  

Your Client Success Team

Daniel Nelson – Director, Client Success
Andrew Macdonald – Director of Trade and Client Management
LimeLight Digital Company

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