LONDON Friday April 16th 2021
 9.00 AM GMT


Limelight offers platform users free Prebid and Post bid IVT tools


Fast growing Digital Ad platform Limelight ( formerly Project Limelight) today announced plans to offer its growing global partner base of users, added value IVT scanning tools as part of the platform package , built in, at no extra cost .


Launched in 2018 Project Limelight has rapidly become a recognised and trusted digital ad platform, which offers partners the ability to power their own Programmatic business with leading edge, flexible and continually developing functionality and tools . Over 100 Partners Globally now utilise the Limelight UI platform to successfully manage and drive their programmatic Ortb as well as Tag based ambition and profitability .


Already offering the ability to successfully integrate the majority of IVT scanning vendor community pixels on behalf of customers and partners to facilitate clean supply chain ,Limelight has today announced that it will also offer its partners and customers a subsidised Free pre bid IVT blocking as well as Post bid scanning option to add to their quality control activities and increase demand value .


James Macdonald CRO Limelight said :-


“ The need for Publishers and quality inventory vendors to continually ensure they are delivering IVT scanned inventory to auction is extremely important as it, drives trust, promotes increased activity and bidding and supports transparent trading .


 Our approach will continue to be to ensure we can integrate scanning pixels from any third-party vendor on behalf of our partners and platform customers , but we wanted to take a step further, and offer an additional value as part of our platform package . We are therefore delighted to now offer a subsidised opportunity to platform partners on both Prebid blocking and post bid scanning .


About Limelight


Limelight Digital provides AI technology to digital marketers  to power Real Time Bidding  Ad exchanges & A d Tag based trading.


  • Banner, Video/CTV, Native, Audio formats
  • Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app channels
  • Unlimited QPS, Unlimited Endpoints, Unlimited Tags
  • Unlimited Training and Support
  • Embedded Fraud tools (free to use IVT scanning pre & post bid)
  • Rich Analytics, Full data access & highly customisable reporting
  • Marketplace revenue opportunities
  • Optimisation by AI, Service by humans

Publishers, AdNetworks and Agencies choose our cloud-based solutions to differentiate themselves from a crowded market by building bespoke white labelled trading environments which drive profitability & performance at scale, immediately. Typically, 48 hrs from order to first trade.




LimeLight Digital Company

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